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Press Release: April 7th, 2011   Vancouver, BC


Cause driven platforms for cause driven people.

We are pleased to formally introduce the evolution of Pinc Giving: Global Currents. The name change ushers in a new suite of donation solutions for non profits of all sizes, a renewed commitment to our clients and industry leading innovation in a new peer driven fund raising system.

If you are a regular on our site, or this is your first time here - welcome. We’ve been working behind the scenes for over 6 months now, transitioning the company from Pinc Giving to what you see today - the hub for non profit giving solutions.

Why the change?

Pinc was born five years ago as a single site where people could easily and safely donate to causes that mattered to them. The company quickly grew to provide the free ‘Donate Now’ button, the charity gift cards and our API. While at the core, they all still exist, we’ve risen to the challenge of developing new and innovative technologies to meet the complex, ever-growing needs of our client partners. We needed a new organizational structure, brand and ultimately a new company to support this growth.  The heart of the company remains the same, while our reach has grown tremendously. For more on why we were founded in the first place - click here to read our story.

New innovations!

Our vision remains to be an innovative leader in developing and providing cost-effective online donation platforms of all sizes. To this end, we’ve revamped our original Donate Now product and introduced two amazing new products to the suite. Our Pier to Peer product is truly revolutionary, and our branded donation pages are a great way for organizations to leverage their unique branding embedded on a donation form.

Poke around on the site and be sure to give us a call with any questions. We are so thrilled to be able to usher in a new wave of giving and want you to be a part of it.

And yet, another social platform for change…Jumo Launches

The internet is all a flicker today with the launch of Jumo, Facebook founder, Chris Hughes’ social network for social change.  Both social media mavens Beth Kanter and Amy Sample Ward have shared their first impressions; one questioning, the other almost dismissive of this ‘new’ social change platform.

The thought behind creating Jumo was to tap into advocates in our not for profit sector and create a networking site exclusive to engagement; be it following an individual, an organization, a cause, to donating, to stewardship.

Now I am not a technical expert, nor developer extraordinaire so will refrain from speaking about all the glitches in Jumo beta, 500 according to Beth; even in my short time playing with the platform one in three clicks resulted in an error message.

So like every other interested online social advocate, I created an account and I have to wonder why we need another social networking site for charities and the not for profit sector.  And I am not sure organizations who are already pressed for time and resources, will want to add ‘one more thing’ to their social media plate.  Never mind the fact you have to be in bed with Facebook to even create an account on Jumo.  Although, it does automatically follow anyone you have as a friend in Facebook who also has an account set up in Jumo.  That is a nice feature and time saver from having to go through and find, follow those you already do on Facebook.

When I signed up this is what I received in my inbox:

Thanks for joining Jumo, the social network for the social sector.

Jumo helps you:

*Find the issues and projects you care about.
*Follow the latest news and updates.
*Support their work with your time, money and skills.

Now, we do have Google to help us search for issues and projects we care about.  We also have our friends who send us news links and updates, or the organizations themselves who we’ve given permission to send us information and updates.  Those same friends and organizations also ask us through pledge pages, emails, direct marketing campaigns for our time, money and skills.  Does having a Jumo account really change that, or make any of those asks, communications, updates easier?

Being an online fundraising advocate, one thing that does bother me is that a large percentage of my donation goes to Jumo and of course, Network for Good.  When I say ‘large’ I mean 15% to Jumo and 5% to NFG.  As a not for profit, or as a donor, do I really want a free auto populate social networking platform to cost me 20% of my donations?  Ummm no…

In the competitive world of charity, we are trying so hard to educate our not for profits to get online and we want to make it as easy as possible.  Adding yet another social networking platform even if it is specifically for this sector is just redundant and another make work project for our summer interns.  In the not for profit technology sector, this could very well change given enough time and adoption.  One never knows…that $2.5 million Jumo raised to build it’s platform is pretty impressive.

In the meantime, here at Global Currents, we will keep having conversations with organizations who are merely trying to wrap their heads around online donations and how to leverage the ever growing ever mighty donor dollar online.

Go ahead, press my button…I dare you!

I recognize that is a bold statement and depending on which way you took it, you may feel it was either too aggressive or slightly inviting…

Your charity is unique, your options should be too.  At Global Currents, you get three effective and affordable ways to engage donors, inspire action and capture donations online.

One Button Remixed Three Ways.

The Free Gateway: because there is no such thing as a small charity

Every charity, regardless of size should have access to the same tools that larger non profits do.  This is why the PINC Donation Gateway was created and this is why it remains the best option for any non profit.  We take your logo, your slogan and create for you a simple, elegant gateway for donations.  You simply place our button on your site, donors click the link and are taken to our secure donation form.

The Gateway Plus: simple, effective and affordable donation processing

This is the perfect middle ground for non profits wanting to offload the security and development costs associated with a more custom API solution; but still achieve the organizations complete branding, look, feel.  We replicate the page of your choosing, insert our donation form in it and host it on our secure site.  All the ‘heavy lifting’ is done by us, you receive the benefit of a branded donation gateway without the need to host on your own site.

The Custom API: fully integrated, completely customizable and still totally affordable

If you need something more specific and a little more tailored to your non profits needs this is the option for you.  It takes very little to set up, and beautifully integrates with your website.  You take care of the SSL certification, plunk in our code and away you go.  You still get full access to the PINC Back End but are able to totally customize the form however you’d like.


  • Easy and free campaign creation

  • 14 Currency Options

  • Regular monthly partners & donors

  • Instant reporting / access

  • Anonymous donation options

  • Giving ‘in memory’ or ‘in honor’

  • Donors can cover transaction costs

  • Flat fee for transactions

  • Ready and willing support staff

So go ahead, press my button and increase your online donations this big give season…I dare you!

Stimulating and Empowering Individual Acts of Charity

Who we are is more important than what we do at Global Currents, but what we do at Global Currents is intimately tied to who we are and what we believe. Everyday we get to spend time with change makers - people who are passionate about making their ‘corner of the world’ a better place. After every meeting, every conversation, we emerge more dedicated to developing the tools they need to help them on their journey. We would love to do this for you.

Global Currents is the parent company under which Pinc Giving, Life On Purpose Network , Give Cubed and our other IT platforms are housed. We are more than a donate now button, more than a development company. Our success is intimately tied with your success. Our products indeed are part of who we are, and we believe them to be some of the best in the industry. This is not a sales pitch. Part of our story is below. We’d love to hear yours.

Global Currents & Pinc Giving were created as a living legacy to Sophia; daughter and third child of Bev Pomeroy, the founder and CEO. Sophia was born in the summer of 2000 with a disease so rare there has yet to be a name. Every organ and system in her body is compromised, her life limited and her daily struggles very, very real for her and her family. After several years, Bev decided to take her passion for global change and her desire to find a purpose in the tragedy her family faced, and find a solution to some of the issues she was hearing within her own supportive not for profit community.

From this, Pinc Giving was born. After a few short years, PINC completed the development of the platform known as the PINC Button. From this, a fully customize-able ‘Donate Now’ API was created, a few other IT solutions and before long we realized we’d outgrown the one platform and brand. Global Currents has since been ‘birthed’ to house the wide range of solutions we now provide to not for profits in need.

We may have traded pink for a bit of blue, however, Global Currents exists so we can continue stimulating and empowering individual acts of charity.



VANCOUVER, BC, August 10, 2010 – Non-profit organizations now have access to a range of high-tech, affordable and easy solutions to their donor programs with the launch of Global Currents. Global Currents, parent company to PincGiving, houses the company’s IT platforms ranging from simple Donation Gateways to fully custom Peer to Peer Platforms.

“We created Global Currents with the idea that web solutions for non-profits should be affordable and simple to use”, says Beverley Pomeroy, Global Currents founder and CEO.  “Our platforms, whether they are the free PINC Donate Now button or even our more complex Give Cubed Platform are all straight forward solutions that actually work for a non-profit.  Affordable innovation - what a concept”, says Pomeroy.

Global Currents works with charities to help generate, sustain and develop sources of income, drive partnerships, and utilize the web to create ‘peer to peer’ fundraising.  The Company offers Corporate Social Responsibility consulting for companies wanting to do ‘the right thing’ and maintains a large database of cause driven content.  Global Currents also owns The Life On Purpose™ Network,an online cause driven video platform dedicated to profiling philanthropic content from around the world.

“We are the most dedicated team of ‘doers’ you will find in the industry”, says Pomeroy.  “More than selling you a product, each member of our team brings a combined experience and understanding of what is needed in the not-for-profit world that you quite simply won’t find elsewhere.”

Cause Driven Platforms for Cause Driven People

Global Currents contact: (604) 648-9428

Media contact:

Madelaine Hatch

604 720-5185

About Beverley Pomeroy

Global Currents & PincGiving were started by Beverley as a living legacy to her daughter Sophia, who was born with a life limiting illness so rare there is yet to be a name; she requires constant medical care, and utilizes many resources within her community.  Beverley’s passion for global change and her desire to find a purpose in the tragedy her family faced, led her to find a solution to some of the issues she was hearing within her own supportive not for profit community.  With the intention of facilitating online giving, PincGiving was born and continues to grow globally into a recognized social giving platform.

Beverley is a 2009 Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under Forty recipient as well as a 2009 Stevie Award finalist, recognized as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs.  She has spoken at the UN Informal Regional Network, Social Media for Social Good, SXSW, and is participating in the upcoming Transatlantic Forum in NY.

As a sought after speaker, Beverley’s honest, heartwarming story of mom to business creator breaks down the walls of any audience while her expertise in online fundraising has listeners walking away armed with tangible solutions to make their own online fundraising successful.

Beverley sits as a director on the foundation board of Reach Youth and Child Society, formerly Delta Association of Child Development.
New online media platform drives viewers to cause driven video


New online media platform drives viewers to cause driven video

VANCOUVER, March 10, 2010- Pinc Productions unveils the Life On Purpose Network- a one-of-a-kind online philanthropic media platform at SXSW in Austin, Texas today.

The Life On Purpose™ Network (, also known as LOPN, is a NEW online television network dedicated to broadcasting the inspiring stories of people making a difference. The purpose of this specialty Network is to connect viewers with meaningful causes and facilitate charitable giving through its integrated donation software provided by PincGiving. The Life On Purpose™ Network enables individuals, organizations and specific fundraising initiatives to showcase their purpose-driven work locally and globally.

Originally created to showcase cause driven video acquired by its parent company Pinc Productions, the Life On Purpose Network has gained momentum filling the immediate gap in this kind of online media.  The Network’s built-in “donate to this cause” application connects viewers with meaningful causes and helps support the work of non-profit organizations and charities making a difference.

With a variety of content from IFAW (International Fund of Animal Welfare) to a candid interview with Victor Chan from the Dalai Lama Centre- will revolutionize the way people use online video technology to connect with the causes they support, and how we communicate and connect to each other.  All videos uploaded to LOPN also automatically syndicate with YouTube.

“We know that online fundraising can be incredibly daunting to organizations that have little or no exposure to online social networking or social media,” says Beverley Pomeroy, founder of Pinc Productions and the Life On Purpose Network. “And with technology changing at the speed of light, for organizations that are already struggling with resources, Pinc/LOPN provides the perfect solution that has reach to a target audience.”

Video content, as well as all collaborative materials showcased on LOPN, are vetted and screened in-house before they can be uploaded onto the network.  For more about LOPN and how to upload cause driven content today, visit

Beverley Pomeroy is speaking on Saturday, March 13th at 2pm on a panel called "Real to Real: How good film does good" with fellow cause film advocates Aaron Bramley and Rich Vazquez, from Lights Camera Help and Ramya Raghaven from Youtube.

Follow @beverleypomeroy throughout her SXSW experience…

Beverley Pomeroy is available for interviews and can be contacted through:

Chantale Fontaine